One to Rule Them All

Wild Web Works is the parent company behind all of our endeavors including Fearless Makers and Patternmaker Pro. It started out in 1999 as a side project of an advertising agency. Wayne and Lori acquired the company in 2005.

The company provided website design and hosting services in the days before website builders and hosting were ubiquitous. We got out of the website design business and moved more into custom programming as time went on.


Although we continue to host an exclusive clientele, we've gotten more involved with our own projects. Fearless Makers was introduced as the catch-all brand for all the things we do. In addition to programming, we sew in the real and virtual worlds, we cook from scratch, teach Marvelous Designer and also do woodworking and electronics projects. Fearless Makers was the perfect term to describe us. Us being Wayne and Lori.

Patternmaker Pro

Patternmaker Pro was a dream started over 15 years ago. We wanted to build a system that could draft custom patterns. Initially, Patternmaker Pro was released for use in the virtual world only. Many people took advantage of the program drafting patterns for use in Marvelous Designer.

Although the program was working, it wasn't everything we wanted it to be. Development continued along with our skills in programming. Eventually we got it figured out and were able to release a program that could draft real-world patterns with seam allowances and all the other necessary features for sewing.

The Fashioner

Pattern making is a skill traditionally done with pencil and paper and few programs exist that facilitate drafting by computer. Those programs are very, very expensive. As part of the process, we wanted to give people the ability to draft from scratch. This was the birth of the Fashioner.

Rather than starting from scratch, we provide the ability to draft a full sloper using individual measurements and then bring that into the Fashioner for further customization. This is the only program of its kind and it is free for everyone to use.

The Fun Never Ends

Now that Patternmaker Pro and the Fashioner have become a reality, they will grow with more patterns over time. Improvements will continue and the goal is for the system to become the go-to place for everyone who sews. We want to add patterns for children and fun cosplay designers. We also have a large collection of historical drafting books that we want to convert so people can enjoy designs from the past.

Soon we hope to begin building our own home, with our own hands. We're living tiny at the moment saving those pennies. We may choose to share those experiences as part of Fearless Makers.

We have a couple other big projects in the works. We are doing the preliminary research and planning for a very unique game using a mini-trampoline and electronics. This promises to be something everyone can enjoy.

We are also interested in creating add-ons for Blender that support the creation of garments in the program. Perhaps we won't be needing Marvelous Designer in the future?