Fearless Makers[feer-lis] [mey-kers]


  1. Wayne and Lori doing things for themselves and sharing their knowledge with others.
  2. a person that makes without fear; bold or brave.

Patternmaker Pro

This is an automatic drafting tool that creates free patterns for virtual and real world sewing. It is free and easy to use.

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We've been publishing free tutorials on YouTube for over seven years! Subscribe and keep up-to-date on everything we're doing.

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Marvelous Designer
Missing Manual

We've created a manual for you with full color images and detailed explanations. The search makes it easy to find what you need fast.

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Marvelous Designer Community

Lets learn and grow as a community! We built and host this free forum for you to get answers and help others.

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A blog just for you. It covers everything from Marvelous Designer to planning menus.

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