What to Wear

Body Types

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and just capture it? They carry themselves well and seem really put together. They are typically very sure of themselves without being obnoxious. Everyone wants to be like that. A lot of that confidence comes from knowing what to wear.

Loose clothing just looks sloppy. You trip over dragging hems or are constantly tugging something up. Tight clothing shows way more than anyone wants to see. Also, tight clothes are uncomfortable and make you cranky. If you are constantly pulling something up, down or out, you may want to make some changes. I can’t believe the number of women I see that are constantly trying to cover up their butts by tugging on their shirt hems.

Why do they do this? Because they are wearing some type of legging or skinny pants and their butts are coming out the top or the rear looks bad and they know it. They are wearing the latest fashion and it’s completely wrong for their body.

Do you know what looks best on you? What flatters your body the most? Many people don’t. They may choose a favorite color, but they tend to follow the latest trends. This can be a big mistake.

When you wear clothes that don’t fit properly in an attempt to be fashionable or look thinner/heavier/younger/. . .etc you are fooling no one. You also can’t lie to yourself. You know what you’re doing and it sends a very bad signal to your subconscious. Every time you tug, you’re telling yourself that something is wrong. ‘My butt looks bad’, tug, ‘My stomach is sticking out’, pull, ‘My pants are up my butt’, yank. You get the idea. How many times a day do you tell yourself that you’re ‘bad’? That’s essentially what you’re doing. The message is loud and clear internally and you are ruining your own self confidence in the process.

Some of the most fashionable people in history have worn the most simple clothes. They also don’t worry about whatever may be the current ‘style’. They know their bodies and what flatters them most. What would happen if you wore clothes that made you look your best and didn’t require constant rearrangement?

There are many things to consider when choosing what to wear. You need to look at your body type. That will assist you finding the areas that should be played down and those that you want to play up. Body proportion also plays into this. Again, you need to create the illusion of balance.

The style lines of a garment will help you to accentuate the positive and hide the negatives. Don’t worry if it’s not the latest fashion. Fashion isn’t a rule! If it was, we would always wear the same thing and never change. Someone has to set the trends. Why can’t it be you?

Here’s a guide that will help you to understand body type, proportion and style lines available in the Fearless makers store.

Take a few moments, read it over and then remember it the next time you purchase or sew clothing for yourself. Don’t try to hide your weight or age or anything else. Acknowledge the truth and then find ways to turn it into an asset.

If you have any ideas that will help people look their best, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Here are some videos that I made that cover the material above. They go into detail about style lines and fabric choices.