Sewing Seams

Plain Seam

Many people take sewing seams for granted and don’t think about it much. The truth is, many people who have sewn for years don’t realize all the options available.

  • Standard Plain Seam
  • French Seam
  • Flat Felled Seam
  • Felled Hem Seam / French Fell Seam
  • Lapped or Tuck Seam
  • Edge Stitched Seam
  • Welt Seam
  • Slot Seam
  • Piped or Corded Seam
  • Fagoting – Bar or Ladder / Crisscross / Self

Every type of seam has different characteristics. Some are very flat when finished and others are bulky. Also, some are time consuming to complete and others very quick. You might be surprised how much difference the right seam can make.

Take a look at the video to learn how to make many of the most popular seams. You can also download the Sewing Seams Reference, available in the Fearless Makers store, and keep it handy for reference.

If you want to sew straight seams or make sure your seam allowances are even, check out the page How to Make a Seam Guide.