Seam Finishes

There are a number of ways to finish the edges of fabric after you’ve sewn a seam. Which method you choose depends on many factors, such as bulk and fabric type.

Some fabrics don’t fray at all, such as fleece and felt. There is no reason to finish these edges. Other fabrics fray badly and you’ll want to select the appropriate seam finish.

Below is a video that shows all the different options for finishing a seam edge including:

  • No Finish
  • Pinked Edges
  • Zig Zag Edge
  • Overlock Finish
  • Overcast Edge
  • Turned Edge Finish
  • Bound Edge Finish
  • Rolled Edge Finish
  • Strap Seam & Finish
  • Catch Stitch Finish

If you need help sewing seams, please visit the Sewing Seams page.

How to Make Seam Finishes