New Marvelous Designer Book

In November 2016, I published the first and only book on Marvelous Designer.  Many people asked me to publish an e-book in addition to the printed version. This was not practical because software books do not accommodate the flow-able format of an e-book. My book had over 400 illustrations and very precise formatting that I feared would be lost and make the book unusable.

The book has been in circulation for just a little over a year, but it is already badly outdated. Marvelous Designer software is updated at least twice a year. The version 6.5 and 7 changes have been significant.

I shut down production and distribution of the printed book a couple days ago. I don’t want people buying something that is outdated.

After I created the book I knew it was worth the effort because I used it constantly as a reference when working in MD. I had penciled in all the changes over the last year, but it was becoming a mess. I needed a new book.

Trying to keep up with software using traditional publishing, be that print or electronic, is nearly impossible. I decided that this time I would release the book as a web-book using WordPress as the platform. The web-book can be read on a phone, tablet or desktop.

This allows me to keep the book up-to-date. As soon as a change is made in MD, I can add it to the book that same day. A web-book also allows me to include hundreds of illustrations and different formats for explaining things more thoroughly.

I’d like to say I don’t make mistakes, but let’s be realistic. This format allows me to catch errors as I use the book myself and correct them.

Another cool thing is the ability to note bugs I find in the program. I can put these in the book so that you know they are there. When MD addresses these issues, I can update the book.

The biggest challenge with a web-book was how to sell it. This is just website access and a web-book that is kept up-to-date has infinite value. I decided that I would sell it on an annual basis. You can purchase access to the book for one year. When that year ends, you can renew for another year, if you want.

I feel the same way you do about subscriptions. I will not auto renew access to the book automatically, but the system allows you to do it. It is completely up to you.

The book has every feature of MD included, just like the printed one did. All the new stuff from upgrades to version 6.5 and version 7 are all here.

I think this makes a lot more sense for this type of book on software. Who knows, maybe other authors will start releasing non-fiction tech books this way.

The new book is located at Understanding Marvelous Designer. If you want to buy access to the new book, I created a special 20% off discount code that is good through February 2018. The code is – youtube20