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Hi everyone. I wanted to give you an update and explain why videos have been few and far between and I have a big announcement.

From Mac to Windows

There has been a lot of new things for me lately. First, I’ve switched over to the Windows 8.1 OS. As most of you know, I was on a Mac before.

The primary reason for this change is MD and Blender. I’m creating garments in MD and finishing them in Blender. These new projects have provided a lot of insight into MD and also Blender. I hope to share what I’m learning in future tutorials.

Blender can use your graphics card to speed renders, but it doesn’t work properly on the Mac OS. Also, MD is a native Windows program and it simply does not work as well on Mac, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I was using Screenflow for my videos and I’ve had to switch to Camtasia now. I’m still working out the bugs, so I apologize for inconsistencies in the Measure Avatars in MD video. The audio is a bit strange.

Marvelous Designer Help Forum

The other big news is a new MD forum for all of you. If any of you have visited the official Marvelous Designer site and used the forum, you know that it had limitations. In the past couple weeks they’ve implemented big changes to the forum and it is one of the worst things I’ve ever encountered.

There are lots of people over in the forums grouching about how bad it is. I’m not one to sit idly by and just complain about things. I’m a person of action, so I did something about it.

I’ve purchased a new domain and created a proper forum for MD users. As you can see, it’s pretty empty at the moment. I hope that all of you will change that very soon. I’ve implemented logins from social networks so it’s really easy to register.

I want to thank PHPBB for providing this open source platform that is very stable and easy to use. It may look a little old school, but the functionality is exceptional.

I built this for a couple reasons. First, as I mentioned, the MD official forum is terrible. Second, many of you ask questions here on YT or over on my website. I try very hard to give you solid, workable answers and your responses have been positive. The problem is that no one else really sees all these questions and answers. Few people take the time to scroll through the comments on the videos.

I wanted to create a place where I can answer your questions and have that information available to everyone else in the future. Also, there is a section for you to ask for tutorials. This forum isn’t just about me, it’s everyone. So maybe others will start to make content for you, too.

Clo3D Not So Much

I was really excited when I got the forum done and posted over in the MD forum to announce its availability. I also wanted to invite all the MD forum experts to come and join me to answer your questions. That was a big mistake.

Marvelous Designer deleted my post and sent me an email asking that I not do this. They stated that they want to keep new and old users within their forum so new users can get advice and help from MD specialists and evangelists that they assign every year.

The thoughts that went through my head at reading this are not suitable to be voiced here. I’ve been told that my assistance has convinced people to buy the program or to use it again after giving up on it in the past. I would think that MD would appreciate any help provided on their site or outside of it, but that obviously is not the case. They want to restrict help to their site.

Also, to suggest that the only people qualified to give advice or help are those that they have assigned is ridiculous and totalitarian.

So the question is, will I abandon my new forum in light of the comments from the Marvelous Designer Team? Absolutely not.

There are lots of MD experts that I would love to see come over to my forum and help there, too.┬áIf not, I’ll just work on it myself answering as best as I can. If any of you have the skill to answer questions posted by others, please help me by helping them.

I’m confident that over time we can create a really useful place for MD users to congregate and share.

In the future, if you have specific questions about using MD, I ask that you post them there, instead of in the comments on YT or on my forum. I still love your video feedback, so please don’t stop commenting about that.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your patience as I struggle through all this new stuff. I’ll get it together, eventually.


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Thank you, Ms. Lori for all that you do. I’ve joined the forum today and look forward to expanding my knowledge of MD through reading the posts. I’ve also suscribed to your youtube channel as well.

HELLO Mam thanks for extremely helpful tutorials but for a game art student these clothes are useless until we got wrinkles no matter real or artificial as you can see in the link please check the link and read it and please help us to achieve folds like that. i searched a lot but find nothing who is teaching these techniques for realistic folds how to customize fabrics specially weft and warp properties,every one is making good clothes but helping to achieve folds and not even touch fabric physical properties please help in that topic.

Thank you for the link. Those are interesting blog posts to read on game character development. Personally, I don’t understand the wrinkles and folds that are added after the fact. Clothing does not fold like that when on a body that is stationary. You’ll get folds and creases naturally during movement or if clothing is too small or too large. I don’t understand why most people think that adding these unnatural details makes clothing more ‘real’. It doesn’t do that in real life. It is extremely difficult to get these in MD because it’s trying to simulate accurately. You’ll have to use an outside program, like ZBrush to achieve them, just as they’ve done in the blog post. Thanks for commenting.

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