Marvelous Designer Book Updated

For those of you who have purchased my Understanding Marvelous Designer book, all the updates for version 8 are now included. Here is a list of some of the updates:

  • Remeshing – Like quadrangulate but much, much better.
  • Sewing in the 3D Window – All the sewing tools are now available on the 3D side.
  • Sculpt Mode – Yes, you can sculpt in MD now.
  • Trace with UV Map – Create patterns from 3D models using UV maps.
  • Automatic Arrangement Points and Bounding Volumes for imported avatars
  • Add Weight to Trims and Zipper Hardware
  • Button Thread Material Settings
  • Edit Texture of Piping in 3D Window
  • Create Topstitching a Specific Length
  • Change Camera Default Distance
  • Export Alpha Maps

There are a lot more changes to the book than this list. The book is a great way to stay up-to-date with all the new functionality in MD.

Understanding Marvelous Designer Web-Book