Marvelous Designer 6.5 & Fearless Makers Academy

No, I have not disappeared. I’ve just been super busy with all things summer. I’d like to announceĀ Fearless Makers Academy. A learning system that I’ve created to teach classes on Marvelous Designer and other things. It is a great way to teach offering videos, text and illustrations. There are even some quizzes to test your knowledge!

UPDATE: Fearless Makers Academy has been closed and this class is no longer available. I’m now using Udemy for classes. Check out this free class on MD version 7.5 upgrades.

The first class in the academy is Marvelous Designer 6.5 New Features. I know I am very late in releasing this class, but some of you may still be curious about some of the new things. Here’s what is covered:

  • Transform Points & Segments
  • Smooth Curve Tool
  • 3D Pattern Line Tool
  • Transform Graphic
  • Seam Tape Tool
  • Bond
  • Skive
  • Garment Measuring
  • Smart Buides
  • Bezier Curves
  • Lasso Selection
  • Ellipse Replaces Circle
  • Optimizing All Curve Points
  • Edit Curve Point Change
  • Converting Multiple Points to Curve Points
  • Replace as Pattern Outline
  • Add point to Intersection
  • Convert to Baseline
  • Changes to Pleats
  • Instance Linked Editing
  • Symmetric Arrangement
  • Smart Arrangement
  • Match Up
  • Gizmo Scale
  • Fabric Physical Properties
  • Glue Trim
  • Modify Tacks in 2D Window
  • Button Gizmo
  • Button Collision
  • Duplicate Buttons to Symmetric Patterns
  • Unified Texture
  • Open Project Options
  • Copy & Paste Between Windows
  • Custom Views
  • Camera Field of View
  • Library
  • Move Avatar & Garment to Default Position
  • Avatar Hair & Shoes

Please visit the new Fearless Makers Academy site and let me know what you think. The prices for classes will always be very fair and reasonable.