To use the Fashioner, you must select something from the Fashioner catalog to open the program. Select Patternmaker Pro > Fashioner off the main menu.

The Fashioner catalog page shows you all the current patterns available. Each item includes an image, name and an info button that will take you to the detail page.

On the left side of the catalog page you'll find filtering options. Use these to narrow down the display on the page.


At the top is a Search box. Enter in a term or name to locate specific patterns.


The second option is searching by Category. Each garment is assigned one or more categories.

Body Category

The third option is Body Category. Every pattern draft is intended for a certain body type. 

Learn more about Pattern Sizing.

Pattern Selection

After selecting the Pattern Detail button, you'll be taken to the individual pattern page. This works just like Garment selection. See the Garment Information page.

After selecting a Measurement Set from the drop-down, select the Add to Fashioner Basket button.

Pattern Dependencies

In order for seams to match up between patterns, some patterns will depend on the measurements of other patterns. For example, a collar may get its length dimensions from the neck front and neck back of bodice patterns. The patterns are programmed so that the front and back patterns are created first, then the necklines are measured and passed to the collar pattern for drafting.

If you draft the collar all by itself, without a bodice in the basket, then it will just use the neck measurements from the measurement set. It will still draft, but it won't be drafted specifically to fit any bodice neckline. The same thing goes for sleeves and other dependent patterns.

If you want a collar, sleeve or other dependent pattern to match at the seamlines, make sure to include the bodice in the basket so it can be drafted first. 

Fashioner Basket

Unlike garments that are output individually, you can send more than one pattern to the Fashioner. Patterns are held in your basket until you output them to the Fashioner. Baskets are owned by the Measurement Set chosen.

After adding a pattern, you can add another by choosing the Add More Patterns button. On the second and subsequent pattern choices, you will not be asked for a Measurement Set. They will use the one assigned to the active basket.


You can't change to another Measurement Set or start a new Fashioner session with items in your basket. You need to go into your basket and clear all patterns first. Use the Delete button next to each pattern to remove them and release the basket.


All the variables for the patterns in the basket will be shown and shared. You can set the General Seam Allowance here and it will apply to all the patterns. Learn more about Variables.

Finally, select the Fashioner Tool button to open the patterns in the Fashioner and the basket will clear.

Note that the Fashioner session is not saved automatically when you open it. You must use the Save option yourself.