DIY Kitchen Remodel

When we moved into this house, it had the worst 70's kitchen. The stovetop and oven were original. The cabinets were all stained dark brown. It was like a cave. It was definitely in need of a DIY kitchen remodel.

Shortly after moving in, I took off all the cabinet fronts. I decided that open shelving was better. After several years, I took down the upper cabinets completely. We lived in this disaster because we ran out of money.

This was the picture I took before starting my demo, that's why the counters are full of stuff. The cabinet in the left of the picture is actually an upper cabinet that we set on the floor for more storage.

You'll notice that there is no vinyl in front of the dishwasher. That's because originally there was a cabinet here. The fridge is on the other side of it and you couldn't open the door all the way. That got removed a long time ago. Cleaning your kitchen floor without vinyl is not fun.

We finally got enough money together to contemplate a new kitchen. This is the picture I sent Wayne at work. I was excited to get going and he didn't know I was going to do this. Surprise!