Iron On Transfer Reviews

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I was working on a project making different types of pillows. We were in the process of moving, so my fabric stash was in bags in storage and not accessible. I needed some fabric for making up different types of pillows, so I had to get creative. I had a set of white king size sheets that I got in one of those ‘bed in a bag’ sets that I knew I would never use, so that became my fabric.

The pillows are nice, but boring. This got me thinking that it would be fun if they had some faces on them. I set to work designing different faces in Adobe Illustrator.

After I created my Faces to Transfer, I had to find a way to get the faces on to the fabric. I purchased several different products to see which one would work the best. They included (the links take you over to Amazon):

I used all the different products on my white sheet fabric. Some are simply inked on the fabric and others are an iron on transfer process. Watch the video below to see what I thought of the various options.