Virtual Clothworking [vur-choo-uhl] [kloth-wur-king]


  1. Fearless Makers term for sewing in the virtual world.
  2. the making or adapting of cloth to suit a particular purpose simulated or extended by computer software.

Whether you are making movies, games or other CG content, clothing plays a major role in the story of your 3d characters. It is very important that the garments match the correct time period and convey your intent with each scene.

Fearless Makers contains lots of content that makes it easy for you to tell your stories with cloth.

  • Journal is a blog with content on virtual cloth and Marvelous Designer.
  • Patternmaker Pro creates free custom patterns automatically for use in Marvelous Designer.
  • Fashioner is a tool within Patternmaker Pro that provides a full-featured pattern drafting interface.

Explore our site and you'll find plenty of free resources for you to become a master of virtual clothworking.

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