Patternmaker Pro [pat-ern-mey-ker] [proh]


  1. a program that uses measurements to draft free patterns for use in the real world and the virtual one.
  2. a program that runs in the browser and makes pattern drafting available to everyone on the planet for free.

Fashioner [fash-uhn-er]


  1. pattern design software within Patternmaker Pro that allows you to customize patterns. It has all the functionality of other programs in the fashion industry costing thousands of dollars and you can use it for free.

Sewing at Home

Whether you are just starting your sewing adventures or have been sewing for years, Patternmaker Pro is here to make things much easier. With nothing to purchase, you can create free sewing patterns that fit perfectly. No more adjusting store bought patterns.

You’ll find that sewing your own clothes is fun and more sustainable than fast fashion. Create original garments for yourself and others and enjoy the tremendous satisfaction of making something beautiful and practical with your own two hands.

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CG Artists & Studios

Patternmaker Pro creates free custom patterns automatically for use in Marvelous Designer. All you need to do is measure your character and pick a pattern. The system will draft the pattern to your character’s precise measurements, so the fit is perfect.

If you need a custom garment, it is easy using the Fashioner. Just draft a block pattern as your starting point and customize it in the Fashioner. Patternmaker Pro empowers you to create 3D garments quickly and accurately.

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Patternmaker Pro is free for everyone to use at home, in schools or commercially.

Fashion Design

Fashion designers will find that Patternmaker Pro is an important tool in the design process. Use the software to iterate designs traditionally or virtually.

Test out your free patterns using Marvelous Designer or Clo, which are completely compatible with Patternmaker Pro. When you are done iterating, print the final patterns and you are ready for the runway.

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Patternmaker Pro is here to support you in your sewing business. You can design your own patterns and sell them or go one step further and sew a complete line of garments to sell.

Made-to-measure garments, based on a each person's individual measurements, results in much less waste and significantly higher customer satisfaction. Even the luxury brands can’t offer people the perfect fit that Patternmaker Pro's patterns can.

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