How to Paint a Fireplace

How to Paint a Fireplace

I had an ugly fireplace and I’m not wealthy, so my options were limited. My ‘how to paint a fireplace’ search resulted in a lot of pictures of painted fireplaces, but they were all a solid color and that just wasn’t what I was looking for.

Unpainted Fireplace - Ugly
Unpainted Fireplace – Ugly

I’m very good at creative solutions and I’m very brave. I figured if it didn’t work out, I could always repaint the thing a solid color (boring).

I wanted the fireplace to look like slate. I studied pictures of real slate on the net and decided that I could paint it. I went to Home Depot and bought three colors of Behr paint (slate blue, grey, brown) and Faux Finishing glaze.

When I got going, I decided three colors weren’t going to cut it, so I dug around in the garage and found a green and a gold. The gold was some Oops paint we picked up for $5 several years ago. It turned out to have some metallic to it that really worked out well. The green was way too light, so I mixed in some artists acrylic black. (Yes, you can do that to make whatever colors you want. So cool!)

I started painting random bricks with each color. I was sending pictures as I finished each one to my husband, Wayne. Anyone else seeing this would have had a heart attack, but he’s used to me. The people in his office were rather shocked, however.

Painting Fireplace - Adding Brown & Slate
Painting Fireplace – Adding Brown & Slate

The dark blue slate was way too dark compared to the rest of the bricks. I mixed up a wash of green and brushed it over the dark blue to lighten it up.

Painting Fireplace - Adding Grey
Painting Fireplace – Adding Grey
Painting Fireplace - Adding Green
Painting Fireplace – Adding Green
Painting Fireplace - Adding Gold
Painting Fireplace – Adding Gold

After all the base colors were on, I mixed each base 1:4 with the glaze. Then I painted every brick using a sponging technique. I would skip the base color and paint with the remaining 4 colors. So in the end, every brick has five colors on it.

Painting Fireplace - Bricks Done
Painting Fireplace – Bricks Done

See that bowl of gold paint sitting there? I was ogling my paint job and tripped on the rug in the room (not in the picture) and dumped the whole thing on the rug. I got it all out, but if you turn the rug over it has a nice gold splotch on the back. I get so focused when I’m working I often do really silly things.

I used the brown paint and mixed in some acrylic black to make it darker. That’s what I used to paint the grout joints.

Painting Fireplace - Grout Done
Painting Fireplace – Grout Done
Painting Fireplace - Grout
Painting Fireplace – Grout

I’m pretty happy with this. The fireplace transformed the entire room. It’s warm and cozy and actually looks like real stone of some kind. You can see every brick has a lot of life to it. I attribute much of this to the weird gold Oops paint. It seems to add a luminescence to each one.

Painted Fireplace Close-up
Painted Fireplace Close-up

Never be afraid to try things. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but sometimes it does. It feels pretty good to do things for yourself!

Have you ever painted a fireplace? Are you ready to give it a try now?

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This is exactly the look I was wanting!!! What a great job you’ve done and now I know how to do it too! Thanks!!!

I’m glad you found it helpful. It was a lot of fun to do and it has held up very well. Good luck!

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