How to Make a Tailor’s Ham

Tailor's Ham

You might find it handy to use a tailor’s ham when pressing. If you’re wondering what a tailor’s ham is, this is a great definition from Wikipedia:

A tailor’s ham or dressmaker’s ham is a tightly stuffed pillow used as a curved mold when pressing curved areas of clothing, such as darts, sleeves, cuffs, collars, or waistlines. Pressing on a curved form allows a garment better to fit body contours. To accommodate tapering or garments of different sizes, it has roughly the shape of a ham.

A tailor’s ham will run you $9 – $20 to purchase one new. Although that’s not a ton of money, there’s no reason you can’t make your own from scraps of fabric you have laying around. I created a full-length video showing the entire process. There is also an edited version, if you don’t need all the details to make your own.

You can get a summary of this Tailor’s Ham project in the Fearless Makers store.

If you want to see how to use a ham, check out the Pressing Accessories video located on the Beginner’s Sewing Equipment page.

How to Make a Tailor’s Ham – Overview

How to Make a Tailor’s Ham – Extended Version

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Great Video! You rock! Camera man was good too, so shy! Your techniques were excellent and video was so informative. I will definitely try your method. Keep up the good work. I’ll look for more videos on your website. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Would it be good to use a pair of jeans on the wrong side as an outside fabric? I am thinking of the thickness as far as a heavy cotton.

That’s an excellent idea. Jeans are quite thick and durable. Make sure you are using 100% cotton denim. Don’t use any jean material that has spandex or any other synthetic. It could melt on you. Thank you for the great suggestion.

Great tutorial I was only looking to see how to make a diy ham as I’m just starting out , but the way you did it was so informative with things for other sewing projects.
Thankyou so much

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