How to Make a Pincushion

How to Make a Pincushion

Pincushions are very handy to have when you’re sewing. You may want a separate one for your hand sewing needles, your embroidery needles or for various tables in your work room.

I designed this little pincushion using scrap felt, a little batting and a used hair goop container. It’s great because you can store things in the container under the pincushion top. It’s a great project for working on your hand sewing stitches.

These would make great gifts, especially for people that don’t sew regularly. Make the pincushion as described, but use a bigger bottom container. Wind some thread on bobbins for them to use. They don’t need full spools, since they will only use it occasionally for mending.

I’ve created a list of ideas for filling the bottom. The links take you to Amazon to buy the items. Most are in large packs, so keep the extras for yourself! I’ve shown what it will cost you to make each cushion set.

  • $0.20 for Four bobbins of thread: white, black, grey and tan (Bobbins 50 pack, wind with your thread)
  • $.05 for 3 sewing needles stuck in a piece of paper (45 Count).
  • $5.25 for 1 pair folding scissors (1 each)
  • $1.00 for 1 needle threader (3 pack)
  • $0.06 for 6 safety pins (250 pack)
  • $0.65 for 20 sewing pins (150 pack)

Total cost is about $7.21 each, if you buy everything but the thread and make the pin cushion from scrap fabric. Use your own stash and spend even less.

Get your instruction sheet titled Make a Pincushion in the Fearless Makers store.

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