#6 Bodice with Bust Shoulder/Waist Sloper

This is a bodice sloper set with bust darts at the waist and shoulder. The patterns can be separated easily to create a french lining (princess) design.

There are no extensions for buttons or other closures.

This garment includes the following patterns:

#22 Bodice Front Shoulder/Waist Dart Sloper

This is a waist length bodice with darts at the shoulder and waist.

This pattern begins as a standard front bodice sloper with a bust dart at the waist. The waist dart fullness is divided in two, with half of it left at the waist and the rest transferred to the shoulder.

#04 Bodice Back Sloper

This is a standard back bodice sloper with a waist and shoulder dart.

The difference between the bust and waist is split, with half being taken up in the waist dart and the other half pulling in the side waist point.

A shoulder dart will be added, if the neck and shoulder width difference calls for it.

#14 Sleeve Sloper

This is a fitted sleeve basic sloper pattern. The wrist is curved and there is an elbow dart.

Garment Specs

Time Period:
Adult with Bust
Required Measurements:
  • Bicep Width
  • Blade Apex Width Back
  • Blade Height Back
  • Bust / Chest Height Front
  • Bust / Chest Width Back
  • Bust / Chest Width Front
  • Bust Apex Width Front
  • Center Length Back
  • Center Length Front
  • Elbow Width
  • Elbow to Wrist Length
  • Full Length Back
  • Full Length Front
  • Height
  • Mid-Armhole Height Back
  • Mid-Armhole Height Front
  • Mid-Armhole Width Back
  • Mid-Armhole Width Front
  • Neck Back
  • Neck Front
  • Overarm Length
  • Shoulder Across Back
  • Shoulder Across Front
  • Shoulder Length
  • Shoulder Slope Back
  • Shoulder Slope Front
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Back
  • Shoulder to Mid-Armhole Front
  • Side Length
  • Underarm Length
  • Waist Width Back
  • Waist Width Front
  • Wrist Width