This is a free, simple bodice sloper pattern meant for infants and toddlers. What is a sloper?

There is no ease added to this draft. Use the bust/chest ease and across back ease values to add wearing or design ease.

The shirt will draft to the hip level, but uses the bust/chest as the width. If the hips are wider, this may not fit properly without added ease.

If a sleeve length isn't specified, it will draft to the full overarm length. The wrist width is determined by the wrist measurement.

This garment includes the following patterns:

  • 90-Bodice Sloper Infant Front
  • 91-Bodice Sloper Infant Back
  • 96-Sleeve Sloper Infant



Time Period:

• Basic measurements • Detailed measurements

Required Measurements

  • Across Back
  • Armhole Length
  • Center Back to Waist
  • Chest / Bust
  • Height
  • Neck
  • Overarm Length
  • Waist to Hip
  • Wrist