Egg Collection Apron

Egg Collection Apron

Do you have chickens? Joan, a fellow YouTube viewer does. She was looking for custom pockets designed into an apron for collecting fresh chicken eggs. She asked me if I had any ideas, so me being me, I designed the whole apron for her.

This apron will allow you to collect fresh eggs without breaking a single one. You can make changes as the apron patterns are drawn to make sure it fits you perfectly.

Apron patterns are always in demand and this one is very specialized. The pockets on this apron are the exact same as those used for a hanging shoe holder, shower caddy or many other applications. Construct the pockets using the instructions in the video, change the width and/or height and just attach them to a flat piece of fabric on a hanger, over a door or attached directly to a wall. Use your imagination and have fun with it!


One of my video viewers made the apron and was kind enough to send me a picture. I think it’s wonderful. Thanks April!

April's Apron
April’s Apron

Nancy made this apron. I just love the fabric choices she made.

Nancy's Apron
Nancy’s Apron

Another beautiful apron. This one from Cyrena.

Cyrena's Apron
Cyrena’s Apron
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The tie for the apron calls for 202 cm long x 12 cm wide – my question is, how did you measure out 202 length, it seems to me that i will have to cut another one & add it on in order to get the 202 cm length. Can you give me some advise on that? I’m not that good w/sewing, it probably has a really simple answer. Thanks , af

Is there a pattern and instructions I can print out for the apron?

There is no pattern for the egg apron. You need to follow the instructions provided in the video.

Is there a similar pattern for a full apron that also ties around my neck?

Thank you so much, I have a two dear friends who have just bought baby chicks. I can surprise them both with this cute apron. This is perfect & the tutorial was so simple to follow!

That sounds like a great idea. I’m sure they would appreciate having an apron for their eggs. I’m glad the instructions were easy for you.

Thank you for this tutorial. I bought the fabric for it today 🙂

This is an excellent tutorial – I’m a beginner sewer (at age 56!) and I could easily understand your directions. I have a friend with hens, so am going to make this for her. Thank you so much for this tutorial !

It seems lots of people are making the apron. They all look wonderful. I’m sure yours will be great.

How can I buy this? My husband’ s bday is next week. Not interested in making it myself
Vickie Silva

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