DIY Upholstery Around the House

Dining Room DIY Upholstery Project

One of the cool things about learning to sew and upholster, is the ability to do all kinds of projects around your own home. If you don’t like something, change it!

You can buy furniture that has good ‘bones’ and then do a little DIY upholstery¬†to suit your own tastes. I wanted to share a few things that I’ve done around my home to give you some inspiration.

Wayne has this thing for 70’s colors. Although we’ve gone through our 1972 house and removed all the 70’s items, we still use the colors of the period.

The image above is our dining room. I made cushions for the chairs because they are really uncomfortable to sit on. I also make the frames you see in the wall hanging. The hanging hardware was something I bought many, many years ago from Pottery Barn. The artwork in the frames is our names in Chinese. Wayne’s parents brought them back from China for us.

This little couch has a special meaning for me. It belonged to my grandparents. It’s actually a very practical design because it completely breaks down into storable pieces. I’ve had it out, stored it and then got it out again lots of times. I lightly refinished the wood, it was pretty rough before. I recovered the cushions. In retrospect, the fabric was a really bad choice. It catches cat claws way too easily.

The end table was given to me for free. It needs to be refinished, but my other one in the room does too, so at least they match! We’ll just call it shabby chic for now.

Storable Couch DIY Upholstery Project
Storable Couch

This chair is special to Wayne because it was his grandmother’s. He’s had it for many years. It is small and fits me really well. It was badly broken down, so I took it completely apart, added foam and batting and recovered it. This is the other end table that I bought before getting the other one. See? They match.

The lamps on both tables are actually vases that Wayne made in a pottery class in college. We bought lamp kits, drilled a hole in the bottom and put purchased shades on top. They turned out really cute. We like that rustic, natural look.

Striped Chair DIY Upholstery Project
Striped Chair

These are ottomans that Wayne built himself. They have hinged lids and casters. They are very comfortable and store tons of stuff. You can use them as seats, foot rests or even little tables (if you put a tray on top).

Ottomans DIY Upholstery Project

Hopefully these projects have provided you some inspiration. The chair was obviously the most difficult, but the rest were very easy to do.¬†There’s nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment when you do things yourself.

What do you think of my projects? What can you do around your house to update things?

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Thank you so much for your tutorials. They are so very helpful. I’ve made a tailors ham and would love to learn how to make slipcovers for any chair or couch.

You are a very generous person. Thanks you for sharing your knowledge and time – for free.

I love what you’re doing.

You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your kind words. Comments like yours are what keeps me motivated! Did you want me to work on a video for chair/couch slipcovers?

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