Custom Avatars for Marvelous Designer

Make Human Avatar in MD

The avatars that come with Marvelous Designer can be limiting. If you are using the program to design patterns for yourself or others, it is much more useful to have an avatar that matches your body type.

You can use the program Make Human to create custom models that import easily into Marvelous Designer. Make Human is an open source 3D modeling program available for Linus, Mac and Windows.

The video below will show you how it is done.

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Hi, you have some wonderful tutorial videos on your site! I’m new to MD but know how to sew and found your tutorials very helpful to understanding and working with the software.

I created my own avatar and am having trouble once the avatar is in MD – the arrangement points and bounding areas do not seem to work with any imported avatars. How do you curve the pattern pieces around the imported avatar without the arrangement points? I’m especially having trouble with sleeve seams.


You have to create the arrangement points and bounding volumes from scratch, when you import a new avatar. I need to make a tutorial on that subject, many people have asked about it. Thank you for sending me the note.

Can you please send us a link to this tutorial if you have made one? Just wondering if there is one up now sense this was posted back in 2015.

Nice video! Make Human is a good project and what you have shown is an easy way to create and customize avatars for your needs. Do you use the size information from Make Human for use in what you have been showing in some of your QCAD tutorials?

Thank you and keep up the good work!


I like to take my own measurements of the model after making it in Make Human. You can use their controls to come very close to matching an existing person, but there are just too many measurements needed for QCAD.

I must say I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time I really hope it will work for me, what I look forward to is to have personal sizes apply to the avatar to have my clients see what they look like before they get the garment made. Thank you ,thank you,thank you ,hope an update will be soon .

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