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If you have questions about Marvelous Designer, please post in the Marvelous Designer Help forum. That way your answer can help lots and lots of people!

If you need help with the PatternMaker PRO program, please use the direct email links on your Account page within the program.

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8 thoughts on “Contact Fearless Makers”

  1. My son is your great. He has learned many things from your tute, than his institute. You guys are fantastic. He is looking for Indian Dhoti, Saree, Feta, Kurta. Please guide him further.

    (Welcome to India. If you any time visit India stay at my home.)

    1. I got all your messages. I love the clothing of India. All the images you sent are very nice.

      I will make a tutorial on Indian garments for you. I’m anxious to see how they look in Marvelous Designer.

      I have a few other projects that I must finish first, but I’ll do this as soon as I can.

      Thank you for contacting me and I wish your son the best in his MD adventures.

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