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This is the project file that corresponds to the Home Decorating with Marvelous Designer post. This MD project file includes a low resolution half-tester style bed created in Blender. The bed is used as the…

This dress was modeled using images from the Nordstrom's catalog. It is part of a video called Making Money Using Marvelous Designer. The zip filed includes an MD ZPrj project file and matching png.

You can make more than just garments in MD. How about an airplane? Here is the project file that goes with the article Makers Care Inflatable Airplane in Marvelous Designer.

Here is a handy PDF guide that shows you the markings you'll find on a commercial pattern piece. I've also included some handy tips for each one that you can use.

Here are the complete instructions and patterns for the Mardi Gras mask featured on the Gemma Hats Off Challenge article.

This MD4 garment file includes an asymmetrical jacket, which is a custom design. This is a multi-part jacket with an unusual collar. This garment file fits the stock female avatar in MD4. The download will…