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Measurements for Pattern Making

  Understanding is Everything When I first began drafting, I remember that I really struggled with taking the measurements. I didn’t understand how they were used and that led to a lot of confusion. Once I started drafting more and more patterns, the measurements made a lot more sense. I’m going to save you from … Continue reading Measurements for Pattern Making

‘Frozen’ – Elsa & Anna Halloween Costumes

James, a good friend of Wayne’s, has two little girls. I volunteered to make Halloween costumes for them this year. He asked the girls what they wanted to be and both responded with the Frozen characters. One wants to be Anna and the other Elsa. I located a pattern from Simplicity to use: One of … Continue reading ‘Frozen’ – Elsa & Anna Halloween Costumes

Gemma Hats Off Challenge

This is the complete video series of the entire contest. Complete instructions and full-sized patterns for the Mardi Gras Mask are available in the Fearless Makers store. INTRODUCTION Element 14 and Adafruit Industries created a contest called the Gemma Hats Off Challenge. I thought it would be a fun project to try, so I scoured … Continue reading Gemma Hats Off Challenge

Understanding Patterns Using Marvelous Designer

In this video I explain how a two dimensional pattern can be applied to a three dimensional body. It will help you better understand the components of a pattern and why they exist. I’m using Marvelous Design version 2 in the video to better illustrate the process. I made this video in February of 2013. … Continue reading Understanding Patterns Using Marvelous Designer