Drafting patterns with Patternmaker Pro only takes a few moments. If you attempt to draft a pattern and the system hangs for any length of time, that means that an error occured during the draft.

Measurements and the drafting process are so interconnected that one simple error can cause the entire draft to fail. It is very difficult for you to determine which one of your measurements may be at fault, if you are new to taking measurements.

Patternmaker Pro includes a way for you to test your measurements. This process steps through the entire draft so you can see exactly where an error occurs.

Select the Test Measurement button next to any measurement set you would like to use. It is recommended that you use a set included in Patternmaker Pro that is guaranteed to work so you can see a successful draft before you run through one of your own.

This takes you into the Measurement Tester interface. You have five different sloper patterns that you can choose from.

  • Front Bodice Sloper No Bust
  • Front Bodice Sloper with Bust
  • Back Bodice Sloper
  • Pant / Jean Sloper
  • Sleeve Sloper

The system will go through the draft one point at a time telling you what is being drawn and the measurement value that is used from your chosen set.

This is also a great way to learn how pattern drafting really works. This knowledge will be very helpful when you starting making your own patterns or manipulating slopers in the Fashioner.