There are only minimal supplies needed to take measurements. You will need a flexible measuring tape, like those sold for sewing and a regular ruler. A yardstick would be nice, if you have one.

You will need a thin chain or just a piece of heavy string for the neck.

Pieces of elastic that is no wider than 1/4” / 6mm. A couple yards of a cheap elastic is fine and even scraps will work.

A water soluble marker or colored chalk. Look in the kid's section of an office supply or variety store for these. That's where you will find them the cheapest.

The last item is art tape or vinyl chart tape. You can get either of them through an office supply, like Office Depot. The art tape is called Crepe Art Tape 1/8” / 3mm black and it cost me less than $3 at my local store.

If you're really in a pinch, use some other type of tape. Even scotch tape will work, but be very careful. Make sure you always measure to the same side of the tape, as there will be a big difference (width of the tape) measuring to different sides.

I strongly suggest a circumference measuring tape, if you are taking your own measurements by yourself or you want to create measurement sets for lots of people.