Notches are marks on a pattern that serve a multitude of purposes. They can mark important positions like waistlines, hip lines and bust lines. They are often placed in the middle of long lengths of sewing to ensure that the garment parts remain aligned during construction. Notches are also used to mark the intake of a dart, pleat or tuck and show the distribution of gathers.

You can use notches to tell if a pattern is intended for the front or back. For example, a traditional purchased sleeve pattern will have a double notch on the cap that connects to the bodice back and a single notch where it connects to the bodice front.

Notches in Patternmaker Pro are nothing more than a point placed on the pattern edge with the designation of notch. Use any of the Fashionier tools to add a point and then use the Properties tool to change a point to a notch.

Patternmaker Pro designates pink points/notches for use on front patterns and purple points/notches for use on back patterns.