Big Changes Everywhere

I’ve made a lot of big changes in April and May. As you know, I have a lot of different things going on and I decided it was time to take stock of everything and evaluate. I wasn’t happy with how some things were working. Watch the video at the bottom of the page, if you’re not into reading.

PatternMaker PRO

By most people’s standards, PatternMaker PRO was doing okay. I was getting a decent number of subscribers every month. The problem was that most people cancelled after only a month and really didn’t utilize the program much during that time. I was never sure what the problem was. Did they buy a subscription thinking it was something else? Did it not work as expected or too complicated or . . .?

I had no answers. I used PMPro myself almost on a daily basis and I loved it. I originally created the program for my own use, so it wasn’t a waste of time to develop. I decided that people were not happy so I should just shut it down. That’s what I did in April. PatternMaker PRO is gone.

CG Garments

In the place of PMPro, I decided to create a website that sold Marvelous Designer files called CG Garments. I started making full garments using popular avatars:

  • All MD avatars
  • iClone Base Characters
  • Sansar avatars
  • Genesis 8 Characters
  • Manuel Bastioni Lab Base Characters

There were always some clothes that I couldn’t generate patterns for in PMPro. Those included garments from India, so I made a bunch of those in CG Garments. I had been asked for these types of clothes specifically for many years.

Fearless Makers Academy

I created FM Academy to teach classes on MD. I started with a version 6.5 feature class, added another for version 7 and then made a master class called Learn Marvelous Designer. I wasn’t selling very many classes because I think the site was hard to find. People who took them loved it, but I just wasn’t reaching enough people.

The other problem was the cost and function of the site. I built FM Academy on WordPress using LearnDash. The integration between LearnDash and WooCommerce for collecting payments was really bad. LearnDash gave be a beta patch to use and I was just waiting for it to break on every update. Also, I have to keep a business account at Vimeo for all the videos. That was $200 a year and LearnDash is not free either.

Teaching on Udemy

A good friend has said for years that I needed to teach on Udemy. I never liked the lack of pricing control over there and the small percentages paid to the instructors. However, Udemy has a huge user base and I could reach lots of potential students.

I decided that Udemy is probably my best option. I ported over the Learn Marvelous Designer course from FM Academy and made some updates. I kept the price the same as it is on FM Academy. I’ll probably let Udemy set the price after a couple months.

I’m not selling anything else on FM Academy and will shut it down at the end of 2018.

Fearless Makers – This Website

I had a store on Fearless Makers that had really old files that went to old YouTube videos. Everything in the store was free and it wasn’t helping to support the site. I decided to shut down the store.

I put super low prices on most of the clothing at CG garments, so people looking for Marvelous Designer files can go there.

Understanding Marvelous Designer – Web Book

As most of you know, I made a web-book out of the published Understanding Marvelous Designer book in February. That is selling well and I use it myself all the time. I’m waiting for the next version of Marvelous Designer so I can update it. I think we’ll see something this month from MD.

The web-book is built on WordPress and I don’t like that. The search sucks and it is very important for the book. Wayne is in the process of creating a new site for the book programmed in PHP and JavaScript (his specialty). We’re going to put a killer search on it (PostgreSQL), so that search results will be very relevant. It will also provide weighted links so you can quickly click right to the page you need.

Hopefully, we’ll update the Understanding Marvelous Designer web-book in June.

The Future

I am working on a new course for Udemy on patterns in Marvelous Designer. I’m going to teach how to manipulate basic block patterns to make any other pattern you need. This is what real world patternmakers do, so I’m going to teach you to do the same.

I have a couple of new obsessions beyond MD. First, I want to learn CLO and make some tutorials for the software. I’m contacted by people all the time that want to know the difference between CLO and MD. I don’t know all the differences, but I want to learn.

I also know that CLO could use some courses. Since I’m all set up over at Udemy, I think that would be a great platform.

My other current obsession is game development. I don’t feel like I’ve been providing the best MD assets for games because I just didn’t understand the game development process. I’ve been taking some courses myself to learn about it.

CG Garments was not intended to be a Marvelous Designer files only site. I want to sell OBJ or FBX clothing, too. That allows people who do not have MD to purchase great garments.

The topology on MD stuff is bad and I really don’t want to sell clothes that I know have to be retopologized. I’m waiting to see if MD addresses topology in the upcoming version. We’ll see what happens on that front.

So that is everything. I made a pretty major change to every single website I was running. I’m cutting back on expenses and hopefully providing all of you with more of the content you really want.