Beginner Sewing Equipment

There are lots of tools and supplies available to everyone who sews. When you are a beginner, it can be a bit overwhelming.

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In these videos, I discuss lots of equipment and how it’s used. I’ll also tell you what you need and what can wait. If you buy everything, it gets very expensive fast. You can get by with a few items until you are ready to make more of a commitment to sewing.

There’s a list at the very bottom of this post of things mentioned in the videos and a link to purchase them on Amazon, if you’re interested.

Tracing Wheels


Seam Ripper


Rotary Cutter

Pressing Accessories

Sewing Pins

Sewing Needles

Measuring Tools

Fabric Markers


Pattern Curves

Equipment List from Amazon

I only recommend items that I own or would buy myself.