About Fearless Makers

Wayne and I are makers. We love do it yourself projects and we are fearless. We put no boundaries on ourselves and will tackle any technique or concept that suits our fancy. Just like us, you can create anything you want, you just need to learn the techniques. That’s our biggest secret, we love to learn!

It doesn’t hurt that we also have extremely creative imaginations. We’ve dreamt up some crazy ideas and brought them to life. Sometimes they are exactly what we envisioned and sometimes we forgot a few details in the concept, but it’s all good. Even if the results are nothing more than rolling on the floor laughing ourselves to tears, there are no failures.

Follow us as we tackle do it yourself projects from food to electronics. Our goal is to empower you to become just as fearless as we are.

About Lori

I’m a little different than most. I live life on my own terms with simple goals: be happy and help others be happy. That’s it, not too complicated. I have weird ideas and an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

I like to try doing everything. That’s why Learn How to Sew Today became Fearless Makers. I can’t just sew. When you have to do one thing, it becomes a job, and then you start to dislike it.

I’m a CFO and Application Programmer by trade, but I’ve lost the taste for working for others. I’m far too independent and stupid makes be crazy. I left the corporate world behind a few years ago and Wayne brings in all the bacon now. I want to contribute to the coffers by creating great content for others for free and somehow getting paid for that. I haven’t quite figured out the second part, but the first part is a blast.

My grandma passed a precious gene to me. I have never met another person with so much imagination and ingenuity. I inherited something from her that gives me the confidence and determination to try anything and the belief that I can succeed.

I love technology and learn every computer program I can get my hands on. I have a passion for DIY and want to learn how to do literally everything myself. That’s a lot of learning, but we have lots of time. We’re going to live very long, healthy, and happy lives doing what we love and inspiring others to do the same.