3 Piece Suit

Marvelous Designer Men’s 3 Piece Suit

This tutorial covers a complete three-piece men’s suit. This was a YouTube viewer request from Asfandyar Noor. This suit is based on this catalog image. He was asking for a private tutorial on this suit creation and I told him I would do it for free, if I could share it with everyone. He thought that […]

Beginner MD Top & Skirt

Marvelous Designer Beginner Tutorial

This video tutorial is for beginners new to Marvelous Designer. This is a project based video that will have you creating content immediately. In the process of creating garments, you’ll learn the basic tools in the program and how to use them properly. Get the Marvelous Designer Beginner Tutorial project file in the Fearless Maker’s store. […]

Pattern Modifications in QCAD

I’m going to go over some of the tools in QCAD and how they are used to manipulate the basic block patterns and print them out. We’ll start off with QCAD open and displaying the female bodice front draft. Making Modifications Lines & Splines First, make sure you right click back to the main menu, […]

Front Bodice Measurement Key

Measurements for Pattern Making

Using the Fearless Pattern Drafting with QCAD program, you are able to draft tops, pants, skirts and sleeves for women, men, children and dolls. In order to use the program successfully, you’ll need a set of measurements for pattern making. To see the list in QCAD, select the Fearless Makers menu > Measurements and choose […]

Flight Jacket in MD

Sleeve Pattern & Flight Jacket

The Marvelous Designer project file for the flight jacket and several sleeve garment files are available in the Fearless Makers store. Sleeve Pattern & Flight Jacket Script (Video Time) Video Inspiration I was working on a video about sleeves and one of my great YouTube visitors, Sayuri Kim, sent me a message asking if I […]

Peasant Skirt

Garment Copyrights & Gathering

What follows is part of the script from the video at the bottom of this page. The full Marvelous Designer Peasant Skirt project is available in the Fearless Maker’s Store. Can You Copy a Fashion Designer’s Garments? A couple weeks ago, Chris, one of my wonderful YouTube viewers, gave me a link to a dress. He […]