Front Bodice Measurement Key

Measurements for Pattern Making

Using the Fearless Pattern Drafting with QCAD program, you are able to draft tops, pants, skirts and sleeves for women, men, children and dolls. In order to use the program successfully, you’ll need a set of measurements for pattern making. To see the list in QCAD, select the Fearless Makers menu > Measurements and choose […]

Flight Jacket in MD

Sleeve Pattern & Flight Jacket

What follows is the essentially the script from the YouTube video. The Marvelous Designer project file for the flight jacket and several sleeve garment files are available in the Fearless Makers store. Video Inspiration I was working on a video about sleeves and one of my great YouTube visitors, Sayuri Kim, sent me a message […]

Peasant Skirt

Garment Copyrights & Gathering

What follows is part of the script from the video at the bottom of this page. The full Marvelous Designer Peasant Skirt project is available in the Fearless Maker’s Store. Can You Copy a Fashion Designer’s Garments? A couple weeks ago, Chris, one of my wonderful YouTube viewers, gave me a link to a dress. He […]

Chinese Lantern Outfit

Introduction – Patterns in Marvelous Designer & the Real World

(This is essentially the script to the video at the bottom of this post) Visit the Fearless Makers Store for a set of reference material. Many people on my YouTube channel have asked me for more complex projects. I can sit here all day long designing patterns to show you, but I’m not really teaching you […]

Satin Dress in MD

Learning About Fabric in Marvelous Designer

This is essentially the script covered in the video shown at the bottom of the page. You can watch the video to learn the concepts, then use the information below for reference while working in the program. Correction – Since creating this tutorial, it has been brought to my attention that MD does in fact […]

Collars in Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer Tutorial – Collars

We’re going to model several collars in Marvelous Designer. These methods are actually just like the methods that you would use when drafting actual sewing patterns. Even if you don’t use MD, you’ll want to learn these techniques for making your own real world patterns. This post is part of a Full Class Set. That […]

MD4 Tutorial - Asymmetrical Leather Jacket

Marvelous Designer Tutorial – Jacket

One of my YouTube subscribers, Anton Glukhovsky, asked if I would do a tutorial on asymmetrical patterns in Marvelous Designer. I asked him if he had a particular design in mind and he was kind enough to provide an image. Originally, I was going to create the garment he provided by reverse engineering it in […]